Interior Stylist / 室內設計.家飾佈置

Mei-chun Lin / 林美君



I feel so grateful to all my clients who always inspire me with your stories and give me the freedom to create.  I, especially, admire and appreciate the boldness of my first clients who trusted your intuition based on the limited photos I post on the website.  My heartfelt gratitude to your big heart and to those who pass my projects on to your relatives, friends, and colleagues.  It means a lot to me when I see the photos of your new life within the dwellings. It completes my mission and fulfills my dreams.





The role of interior designers is like movie directors. The key factors of a great movie, apart from some magic, involves all the cast and crew, such as costume designers, sound mixers, film-writers, ect.  The director, apparently, cannot take all the parts but visualizes the script, controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfilment of their vision.

Photographer / 攝影

Izzy Chiang / 蔣岳峰



The best part of being an interior photographer is that you get the chance to meet people who are willing to share their philosophy, life secrets, ideals of living, or street gossips.  All these trivial things inspire me and help me capture a unique moment in time.  I like to provide images abundance in detail, the settings (furniture, decorations, walls) are not cold, still objects but more importantly, full of warmth and narratives of the dwellers.  Connection is such a beautiful thing to see.





Every image, through the lens and the current state of mind, Izzy can always capture the message we try to convey, no explanation needed. It surprises me how our minds are amazingly in sync. I’m so lucky to have him in our team.


Administration / 佈置 行政

Yiu Chen / 陳怡如



When you open a door, it’s like unwrapping a present that full of surprises.

When you step in a house, you can immediately detect the vibe between the dwellers and the space.





No man is an island. The charm of teamwork is the complementary effect to complete a project that one cannot accomplish by one’s own. Yiu adds the smoothness and tenderness in many details. Because of her patience and tolerance, many job gets down on time.